A gift for the senses, surprise when receiving a package to their attention, uncertainty when opening it, the magic when discovering a beautiful bottle gift with a message inside….

Mensaje en una is the Official Web in Spain and European Union of the message in a bottle with registered mark, the place where you will find the better models accompanied by an exceptional service.

We are pioneer in this service in Spain and all Europe of this new messaging concept that will make of their gift an unforgettable detail.



The widest selection of free decorated bottles, each an appropriate one for that so special occasion.

It is the perfect gift for Congratulations, Day of the Father, Day of the Mother, San Valentine, Anniversaries or like unique and different gift for any special occasion.

A great selection of messages and poems pre-writings to make you easier the writing of your message.

We give a free beautiful box to make you be as you deserve and the option of being able to acquire one of our you magnify boxes of colors and wood.

The security of knowing that you will send to your to be wanted the original Message in a bottle of registered mark and don't an imitation.

Message in a bottle will also facilitate the delivery of your invitations to this event as special as your wedding day, party invitations and all types of companies in a presentation, opening or event want to start making a difference with your competitors originality and service.

The guarantee that you will collaborate with each message that you send and you will make a contribution to FUNDAME, you will be helping in the development of investigation projects.



Not you will leave indifferent to that person that point wants.

As gift there is not anything that it transmits your feelings and your emotions well that a message in one of our decorated beautiful bottles, to obtain the person's attention that you want to impress, your gift will highlight among the other ones for its so original and different form of making it.

Always with message in a bottle of registered mark will be a gift difficult to forget.


“It put me notes for the whole house, of a track it took me to other until I was this beautiful gift, it is the most beautiful thing that have never given me, I will always keep their message".

“It has been some of the most touching and moving gifts that have never made me, made me feel a lot of happiness, for the so beautiful words that he told me message".

"With this gift I will always remember to my department partners, made me a lot of illusion, I will remember them with a lot of affection".

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